Episode 18 - Sarah Clanton

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How She Chose Cello in 5th Grade


How attending The Swannanoa Gathering - Contemporary Folk Week kicked off her songwriting and confidence writing songs on the cello.



Her journey with anxiety, how she learned to negotiate it by pushing through the nerves (repetition) and embracing her uniqueness—because “being human is weird”.

She signed a publishing deal with Writer’s Den this year.

When she first moved to Nashville, Sarah felt pretty blocked creatively.  A friend of hers, who goes by Danielle Ate The Sandwich, introduced her to the idea of trying to write an album in 24 hours.  She wrote 8 songs her first attempt in 2016.  Just write in the moment, use the first ideas because they’re often the coolest…the time for editing comes later. She’s gotten pretty serious about co-writing since moving to Nashville, discovering that she can write 8 songs in a night.


She teaches cello to people from 5 years old to 75.

She told me about her experiences with Folk Alliance International and Southeastern Regional Folk Alliance (SERFA).  She mentions her work with Kari Estrin.



She currently working on a new record—writing more than she ever has.  Living in Nashville has afforded her the opportunity to play with the best players.  She spoke about her work with Tom Shinness who was a mentor for her (he passed away earlier this year).  His passing was a reminder to her to truly live, and make time for what you love.

She spoke a bit about her experience with Patreon.  She describes the difference between a project-based site like Kickstarter, and an ongoing system for patrons to support your creative process in general.  As far as exclusives—figure out what your specific audience wants most.


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