What To Expect

I’m really looking forward to our conversation.  

If you haven’t listened to an episode yet, you can find it here

We will record the episode at my place. I live in The Cleo, a newer apartment building in East Nashville. The address is 1034 West Eastland, Nashville, TN 37206. There’s a call-box at the front of the business between the gym and main entrance (if you’re facing the building, it’s to the right of the parking garage entrance). Dial 939# on the call-box. This will call my cell phone directly so that I can let you in. I’ll meet you in the main entrance to guide you through the labyrinth.


I wanted to send you over the outline of what our conversation might be like, so that you have a sense of what’s coming.

First off—please bring a copy of your CD's with you. I’ll want to grab samples for the episode to share clips of your music with the audience.  Also, I’ll need you to send me a current headshot, or photo, to use on your episode’s show notes.  You can either do that now, or closer to the episode's release.


2 minutes or less...Really short history of your career thus far…

The Hexagon

(majority of the show)

The “hexagon” is the six aspects of being a singer-songwriter.  I want the focus of the show to be about an artist’s life—more than about commercial success, “how to make it in the biz”, etc.

Within each aspect (or column below) there are many sub-topics held within.  Take a look at them, and try to identify one that you have a lot of success with, and also one that you struggle with.  For instance, with Performing, I might say that I’m gaining confidence with performing with a band—so that would be a success and we would talk about that a bit.  And then I might say that I’ve had trouble finding new covers to play—and we could talk about how you choose/learn covers, etc.


  • Organizing

  • Process

  • Tools

  • Co-Writing

  • Re-Writes

  • Song Evaluations/Contests


  • Marketing/Promotion

  • Publishing

  • Licensing

  • Performing Rights Orgs

  • Indentifying/Building Fanbase

  • Reviews


  • Booking

  • Tour

  • Band vs Solo

  • Covers

  • Merch

  • Tech/Gear


  • Instrumental

  • Vocal

  • Songwriting

  • Artistic

  • Personal

  • Musicianship


  • Demos

  • Producers

  • Engineers

  • Distribution

  • Live vs Track Building

  • Project Management


  • Family

  • Relationships

  • Spirituality

  • Wellness

  • Community

  • Other Outlets/Hobbies


Talking through the hexagon is the bulk of the show. Don’t feel like you have to “prepare”…I just want you to have a moment to be thoughtful about where you are currently at in your creative life—so that we can have a mindful conversation about it.  If you want to reveal something really dramatic—that would be great for the ratings…


At the end of the show, you’ll have a chance to plug any upcoming releases or shows.  If your episode is recorded well in advance, I will let you know when that should be so that you can tailor the plugs to that timeframe.  I will also reach out while I'm editing to see if there are new things that have come up that you want me to mention.


Additional Thoughts

You will have the right at any time to decline to answer a question.  I will just edit it out of the show entirely.  In fact, I only want you to look good, so if I ask a stupid question (and you graciously answer) I may edit it out  if it doesn’t “work”.  Or, if you finish answering a question and hate what you said, you can answer again (and I’ll edit out the first attempt).

I will keep the vibe nice and casual…and experimental.  I want to be respectful of your time, so I will try to keep the whole session to less than 2 hours (from the time I answer the door, until the time you leave).

Lastly, as you go through this with me, be thinking about 2-3 singer-songwriters that you know personally and would like to hear do the show.  If you would be comfortable reaching out to them (or would allow me to do so on your behalf) it would be great for the podcast.

If you need anything, you can contact me at 615-486-4222 or email me at jesse@hexagonpodcast.com




So, to recap...what I need from you:

  1. Bring CD's so that I can grab samples of your work. You can also email me sound files if that's more your thing.

  2. Email me a current headshot. You can also do this closer to the time I'll release your episode.

  3. Think through the hexagon topics--but don't worry...we'll keep it very casual.

  4. Think of 2-3 people you would like to hear do the podcast. If you're comfortable, share their contact info with me...and, if you'd be so kind, make an introduction.